The Book


Richmond, Virginia’s arc of modern design started in 1936 with the George Hoppe design of 1900 South Meadow Street. It continues today with the Institute of Contemporary Art by Steven Holl. This eighty-year span from both world-renowned architects and mid-century regional architects, such as Bud Hyland, Alan McCullough, Charles Goodman and Haig Jamgochian is seen every day throughout the city. Modern Richmond Book is a celebration and visual journey of Modern Richmond’s decade of tours. 

Created by the Modern Richmond Board, the book offers over forty examples of Richmond’s modern architecture and design, featuring stunning photography by Ansel Olson and Kent Eanes, with additional imagery by Mick Anders, Chris Friday, Chris Cunningham, Kevin Jones and Trey Tyler. The book will feature personal narratives from many of Richmond’s best-known historians, architects and preservationists. Scout Design will oversee the design and production of the book.

Modern Richmond Book will allow us to continue to share the ever-increasing portfolio of Richmond's modern architecture and design.

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